Easy Ways To Make Your Garden Blooming Marvellous!

Everybody wants a gorgeous garden. But not many people realise how much work you actually have to put in to get one! That is why so many patches of land stand untended, apart for the odd wildflower and occasional shrub. But if you are sick to death of having a barren scrap of land out the back of your home, read our guide below on how to get your garden to be blooming marvellous!


What is a garden without plants? Nothing that’s what! You need to consider the selection of plants and flower that you use in your garden carefully. Some people go by the colour scheme that they want. Others consider which will be the most low maintenance to look after once they have been planted. For some gardeners, safety is a major concern as they have pets or kids. They take great care in avoiding planting anything that could cause a risk to them.


Climate and soil type also play a factor in most gardeners’ selection of plants. It is always best to choose something that will grow well where is planted. If you pick a plant that is meant for shade and put it in direct sunlight in isn’t going to fare very well!


Another important feature of a great garden is a place to sit out and enjoy the fruits of your labour or entertain family and friends. The best solution for this is to have a patio put in. You can dig out the ground and lay the patio yourself, but it is hard going, so many people choose to use patio builders like Great Aussie Patios instead.


Or you could always go for a wooden deck as an alternative. This is a raised wooden area, which is perfect for setting up your deck chairs and sun loungers on.

Water Features

Another element that can take your garden from ordinary to blooming marvellous is a water feature. There are a lot of styles to choose from.

If you live in a hot climate where you get a fair bit of sun, it might be worth installing a pool or a hot tub outdoors. But even if the weather where you are isn’t so great, you can put in a pond or fountain instead so you can grow aquatic plants like water lilies.

Kids Play Area

A kids play area is a popular addition to a marvellous garden. It is a designated zone where the kids can let off a bit of steam and keep their outdoor toys.

Popular items include Wendy houses, slide sets, swings and climbing frames. Whatever you have in this zone, it is important that you consider safety as well as just fun. Wood chips or foam matting around climbing frames and such can make a big difference if someone goes for an accidental tumble.

It can also be helpful to delineate the areas in this way because it stops the kids wreaking havoc in others areas of the garden. You don’t want them getting to your plants and flowers that you have loving tended, do you?

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