Gardening: The Finishing Flourishes

You’ve probably spent a long time thinking about the colour scheme and landscaping in your garden; all the big things that make it great.

However, when you think about it, it’s usually the little details and accessories that really bring a garden to life. Here are some finishing flourishes you can add to your garden.

A Garden Clock

Most people wouldn’t think of putting a clock in their garden, but they can actually be rather characterful features, helping to make your garden feel a little rustic and a little bit futuristic, all at the same time.

Garden clocks are almost universally radio controlled and, of course, waterproof. You can hang it up on the back of your shed so that you can check the time while you’re gardening and make sure that you don’t run over on your schedule.

Garden Flames

Professional garden designers love water features because of the dynamic element they bring to gardens. But, thanks to the fact that they require so much maintenance, they’re not very attractive for owners.

Rather than investing in water features, many homeowners are now turning to garden flames. Because they’re so dramatic, they create quite a contrast to the rest of the garden, especially at night, and can look beautiful when the light of the flame is allowed to reflect off a steel bowl.

This certainly isn’t a garden feature you want if you’ve got kids running around though.

Handmade Chairs

All the best gardens have little pockets hidden away in corners behind rows of plants where you can just hide away from the rest of the world. But these little hideaways are nothing without the right seating arrangements.

To get that authentic look, many gardeners choose Adirondack chairs – chairs that are made from simple slats of wood. If you have the time, you learn all there is about Adirondack chairs on the internet, but the main point is that they are designed to be comfortable, unlike so many other outdoor seating designs.

In other words, you’ll actually want to spend time in your garden with one of these, admiring all your handiwork.

A Garden Mirror

Mirrors have been used on interiors for decades, thanks to their ability to bounce back light and create the illusions of more space. Now many designers are incorporating mirrors into their gardens for the same effect.

If you’ve got a particularly cramped space, like a gap between your house and the fence, mirrors are a great way to open it up and make it feel as if you’ve got all the room in the world.

Add A Bird Feeder

Native birds are in decline, thanks to declining natural habitats and a lack of food in winter, by adding a bird feeder you’ll be helping to keep the population stable and well-fed throughout the winter.

The cool thing about bird feeders is that they look great, even if they don’t have any food in them. You can set them up on your lawn or hang them from trees, depending on the layout of your garden.


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