Stressed Out? Escape To A Serene Garden

Among all the daily stresses of modern day life, most of us can agree that it’s nice to have somewhere to escape to.

Self-care is more important than many of us give it credit for, and having space where you can unwind can be very useful indeed. For some people, this is a second home, maybe somewhere luxurious overseas. For the rest of us who are on a bit of a tighter budget, it might be our favourite bench in the local park. But why not create a space like this right in your own home?

Spending time outdoors is said to be good for mind, body, and soul. So, if you are lucky enough to have a reasonably sized backyard, it only makes sense to transform it into a relaxing haven where you can while away the stresses of the day. Here’s how you can do just that.

Incorporate water

Water is something that can be terrifying at times, but also equally relaxing. There is just something very serene about the sound of running water – a gently babbling brook, for example, or waves lapping at a shore.

If you are lucky enough to have natural running water through your garden, or if your garden spills out onto a lake, make the most of that.

Have a little pier built so you can sit out on the waterfront gazing at the gentle waves – the perfect way to both start and finish your day. There are many companies such as who will be able to help you with a such a build.

Having a pond or a water feature installed are also great ways to incorporate water into your garden, especially if your garden is a bit on the smaller side.

Choose your plants wisely

You might think that the kind of plants you choose for your garden have little to no effect on how relaxing the area is. But this is where you are wrong – everything from colour to the cultivar of a plant can have a direct link to the atmosphere and overall feel of your garden.

Try and pick colours that you personally find calming – for many people, these are softer hues – and stick to a colour theme throughout, to stop the area looking too busy. Also, make sure that you don’t unwittingly choose plants that attract too many insects.

Instead, go for things like trumpet vine, which are more likely to attract butterflies and different species of birds.

Comfortable seating

Some of us like to be fully immersed in nature, sitting on the grass barefoot or lying on a rug. But this isn’t always possible, especially if it has been pretty dewy overnight and the grass is, therefore, wet.

Make sure you have some comfortable garden furniture distributed in the best places in your garden – you can get a whole range of varieties now, to suit your tastes and needs.  We’re big fans of Adirondack chairs.

After all, there’s nothing quite like being able to put your feet up with a good book, while surveying your own little bit of nature.

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