Three Ace Maintenance Tips For Your Winter Garden

Gardening is a hobby that takes a lot of dedication and hard work, even in the winter. Most novices decide that getting their hands dirty in the rain and the wind and snow isn’t for them, and their garden suffers as a result.

You, however, are a different breed. Rain, wind or shine, you understand that your garden needs constant treatment, otherwise it will start to look weathered and messy. Plus, it means more hard work and less relaxing during the summer months.

Luckily, you will find a few handy tips that will make your garden the number one garden in town, even if your neighbours don’t want to admit it.

PH Levels– Acid or Alkali?

Remember when you used to study science at school and the teacher taught you about PH levels? Well, it turns out that PH levels are as important for gardening as they are 16 year olds ready to take their exams.

The acidity level of your soil is about important as it gets when it comes to maintaining a healthy garden all year round. Without a steady and balanced PH level, the soil won’t retain as much nutrients and the grass and flowers will start to die. And, as you know so well, you can’t have a great garden without a mixture of grass and flowers.

To get a better understanding, take a soil sample. The soil sample’s results will tell you whether you need to make it more acidic or alkaline and you can adjust the levels accordingly.


An Irrigation sprinkler watering a garden

Don’t Be Stingy With the Water

Just because it is winter time doesn’t mean you don’t need to dole out a healthy volume of water. A lack of water is one of the biggest mistakes gardeners make during the winter because they think Mother Nature will do all of the hard work. The truth, as you probably realise by now, is very different. Yes, there is generally more rain during the autumn and winter months, but that is only a small percentage of water your garden needs to look healthy.

A good trick is to install a lawn sprinkler system so that you don’t need to venture out in the bad weather, visit for more info.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The temptation when you find tips and advice is to use them without tailoring them to your garden. Big mistake. Like people, all gardens are different and unique. Sure, some might share the same characteristics, but that doesn’t mean that one policy works all of the time.

Things like fertilizer and pesticides, as so generously points out, need fitting to your garden in a personal manner. If they aren’t, everything from the lawn to the stone flags can suffer as a result. The best tip anyone gardener can have is to think before you act.

So there you have it, three great tips that will leave your garden looking like the belle of the ball this winter. Just don’t tell your neighbours.

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