How to Grow the Tastiest Tomatoes

When it comes to homegrown vegetables, there is no denying that tomatoes reign as king. However, with so many different varieties to choose from, as well as many factors to consider during the growth process, it can be a challenge to know where to start.

To ensure the tomatoes you grow are juicy, sweet and tasty follow our six tips below.

Sweeten the soil

By sweetening the soil, you sweeten the tomatoes. Tomato plants flourish in soil that is slightly acidic. Once the fruits begin to ripen, it is a good idea to increase the soil’s alkalinity, as this will give them a sweeter taste.

There are a number of tomato plant supplements you can choose from to increase pH levels, wood ash is widely considered the best. This is because it supplies potassium, which is a mineral increases sugar production and their transport to fruits.

Trim the plants

To get larger, tastier tomatoes, you will need to trim your tomato plants. This is especially important for the indeterminate varieties.

Make sure you get the water balance right

Tomato plants do require a considerable amount of water, particularly during the growth period. Deep watering at regular intervals is preferred to watering every day. It is important to ensure that the plants do not wilt into the evening – during the day is fine.

If they continue to wilt into the night, water stress can arise, which will make the plant more prone to fungal infections. You should reduce the water supply once the tomatoes have formed to prevent fruit-split.

The best thing to do is invest in reticulation installation, as this will enable you to control the amount of water your tomato plants get.

Provide extra warmth

Tomatoes prefer warm conditions; a minimum of 50F during the evening and 60F during the day. If it is colder than this, add some warmth to your vegetable garden to encourage an improved yield.

Plant the seedlings deep

If tomatoes are going to be a crucial part of your vegetable garden, it is important that you plant them properly, and this means that the seedlings need to be planted deep.

Ideally, tomato seedlings should have a few true leaves and be around six inches tall before they are transplanted into the garden beds you have already prepared. The holes for planting the seedlings need to be deep enough so that they take part of the stem and the root ball.

Provide plenty of sunlight

Finally, you need to make sure that the tomato plants get plenty of sunlight. They are high light plants; they require as much sunlight as possible to make food in their leaves, which is used to develop the plump and flavorful tomatoes we are trying to achieve.

A minimum of eight hours of sunlight is required. You may be able to produce a moderate fruit set with six hours, but there are no guarantees.

Follow the six tips mentioned above, and you are guaranteed to benefit from delicious, plump tomatoes.

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