Gardening Basics: Garden Tools

Gardening Basics: Garden Tools  

The initial item for a Gardening Beginner to look at is Garden Tools. The basic garden tools you need are:

*Spade and Fork

These are needed for hole and trench digging, shifting soil, digging over beds prior to planting and removing unwanted plants. In addition, a fork is handy for breaking up larger lumps of soil and coarse raking. Taller people should look out for one with a longer handle.

* Hoe

A hoe is required mostly for removal of annual weeds from around wanted plants. You can opt for either a draw hoe or a push hoe depending on which you prefer.

* Rake

A rake is useful for levelling soil in preparation for laying turf or planting a flower bed. It is also useful for breaking up soil.

* Trowel

A trowel is an essential gardener’s tool for digging holes for smaller plants, dealing with plants in pots and any small job for which a spade is rather large. For trowels and hand forks, it is worth the expense of stainless steel tools as cheaper ones can often bend.

* Hand fork

The hand fork is handy for those jobs where a fork is too big. It is particularly used for meticulous weeding in flower beds and tubs/planters.

* Wheel barrow

A wheelbarrow is valuable for transporting heavy things around the garden – usually soil, compost etc. Although metal barrows are sturdier, they are also heavy and sturdy plastic ones can be found – avoid a plastic barrow if it appears to be weak.

* Watering Can

The watering can is primarily for watering individual plants, planters and tubs. In addition it can dispense liquid plant food. If you use liquid weed killer you must have a dedicated watering for it as the residue left could harm other plants. For watering large beds, a hose and possibly a sprinkler can be invaluable.

* Secateurs

Secateurs are required for pruning anything from roses to fruit. They can be used on branches of up to 1-2cm thickness although this will depend on how good yours are. They are also valuable for cutting back dead vegetation and perennials and cutting down the volume of prunings before throwing away. Your secateurs will be well used – if you discover a brand/design which is long-lasting and works well stay with it.

As you become a more advanced gardener, you will doubtless wish to purchase further more specialist garden tools but these are the basic essentials.

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