Gardening Tip–3 Main Features Of A Gardening Tip!

Gardening Tip–3 Main Features Of A Gardening Tip!

A gardening tip is received with much eagerness by both, novices as well as experts. The best source to go looking for a gardening tip is the Internet. The information provided there is beyond anyone’s imagination!

Sometimes, a favorite and extremely beneficial gardening tip circulates via word-of-mouth. Often, the tips are repetitions by several professional gardeners, indicating their popularity and usefulness! So the ones most benefitted by these hints are the beginners.

What are the features of a gardening tip?

(1) A gardening tip is not meant for the ears of the novice alone–even seasoned experts cannot be expected to know everything about gardening! After all, something new is being discovered everyday and existing knowledge itself is too vast to digest at one go! So the most important feature of a hint is “how useful is it going to be”. Yes, the tip may seem rather obscure when verbally expressed, but unless practically experienced cannot really reveal anything.

To illustrate with an example, the concepts of soil pH and soil testing seem very confusing to a beginner. He/She is therefore looking for a gardening tip concerning a “specific brand” of potting mix rather than details regarding essential nutrients for soil. If it is a professional, he/she would prefer to know about a “specific” potting mix. The gardener wants to confirm the truth of his own experiments, or change the brand if necessary.

(2) Another popular gardening tip centers round matching plants to locations. This means “right plants, right locations and right amount of sunlight”.

Again taking an example, newcomers are more concerned with growing the plants that they love rather than discovering whether they suit that particular area or not! Not paying attention to tips related to soil and climatic conditions, is going to come in the way of their success where gardening is concerned. Plants and flowers cannot just be chosen at random! In contrast, experienced veterans do not feel inclined to quarrel with the environmental conditions; they would much rather prefer to do the adjusting themselves! Their plants are their babies, to be nurtured with care and love; so their needs are of primary importance! Ultimately, with consistence and persistence as well as with the appropriate suggestions, the enthusiast will ensure that all his plants survive and thrive!

(3) Every suggested hint cannot prove to be useful to every gardener, novice or expert. What may seem very useful to one, may be discarded by another knowledgeable gardener as not being so useful. However, the Internet with its vast world of web sites should prove extremely beneficial to the newcomers who have just started experimenting with this new-found hobby, by supplying one gardening tip after another.

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