How to Build and Maintain A Garden


A garden adds beauty to the surroundings with its colourful treasure of trees, plants, flowers, butterflies, fruits and more. Gardening is an infinitely pleasurable exercise and a hobby for some. If you have enough space to plant herbs or small plants, it becomes your garden. So, it is not a tough task, even if you do not have the experience. Here is a gardening tip for amateurs – start small instead of overdoing things at your first shot.

Gardens tend to have a soothing effect on our minds. You can just sit or lie on your back on the lawn you mowed or in your garden to relax and unwind. The garden should not only look good, but should also be in a place easily visible to everyone. Here is a gardening tip – Build your garden in front of the house. It not only adds to the beauty of the place but also creates a delightful impression on people entering your house.

Basics Of Gardening

The first important gardening tip is to learn the basics of gardening. Most people are very taken in with the idea of creating a garden but you need to know the basics before taking the plunge. One would start dreaming about flowers, fruits and vegetables all over the place even before beginning to build the garden. Which plants to grow, where to plant it, how to do it, and when to do it are common confusion areas for novices.

Selecting The Right Place

Another important gardening tip is to choose the right location for your garden. You should get a great view of the chosen place from inside your house. Now that the problem of where to garden has been dealt with, you have to think of what to plant. If you want to grow any particular plant, you should first check out whether the climatic and other conditions are conducive to its growth. If you live in a place that is hot, then make sure you do no plant in areas exposed to afternoon sun, which is hotter and drier than the morning sun. Also, ensure that the chosen place is not directly exposed to heavy, dry winds.

Selecting The Plants

After the location is finalised, the next gardening tip for you is – choose the right plants. Select appropriate plants in accordance with the environmental conditions in your area. You can grow roses or vegetables – it is up to you. Herbs are ideal for any place as their growth can be controlled, if there is not enough space.

Common Problems

Lastly, here is an important gardening tip for you on tackling the common problems. If your garden is attractive, you can expect unwanted visitors like pests, insects, animals, children to cause damage to your plants. You should be careful and safeguard your garden. You cannot keep watch 24 x 7. However, while you water your plants, make sure that you check for changes in the colour, or if insects have damaged the stems, leaves, or the plant itself.

You should also prune the extra growth of the plants so that they are not only healthy but also serve their purpose.

With a helpful gardening tip or two, your green thumb, care and attention, you too can create a beautiful garden at home.

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