How to transform your garden

How to transform your garden  

There is nothing better than being able to step into your garden on a warm summer’s day and feel as though you are entering your own private tranquil retreat. Somewhere with flowers blooming, the sun shining and a comfortable area for you to sit and relax whilst enjoying nature’s beauty. However it can be difficult to decide on how to plan and create this idyllic setting with so many options available.

One thing you may wish to consider is decking. This provides an excellent area for you and your guests to relax, socialise and party whilst admiring the rest of the garden. Decking is particularly useful when dealing with unlevel areas or parts of your garden that may have previously been unusable. This is because it is built on support posts concreted into the ground and therefore these can be adjusted appropriately to provide you a perfect hard standing and stable area for your garden. You can also use decking to create a designated barbeque, seating or storage area for example. This helps to protect the lawn and also makes the area a little more interesting and attractive.

Creating a rock garden feature can prove to be another great idea that will ensure your garden looks beautiful. Through the use of suitable plants, rocks and gravel, this will assist in the addition of colour and decoration to any garden. You can use a rock garden to create a border between areas of the garden or you may wish to make it into a small feature that is sure to be admired all year round. Rock gardens are also particularly good for drainage.

The soothing sound of running water whilst relaxing in your garden can’t be beaten. Having your very own water feature offers pure luxury and will prove to be a stunning addition to your garden. Furthermore there are endless design options which means you can create a beautiful water feature that fits perfectly with the rest of the garden. This may include fountains, waterfalls, pools and ponds of any shape or size. A water feature will not only help to produce a serene and attractive setting but also adds dimensions to your garden as typically it will be built up or dug into the ground.

A final addition you may wish to consider is a pergola or arch. These are a very popular choice in modern gardens and create a unique and attractive walkway through the garden. Pergolas and arches can be placed in whatever place best suits within your garden. Climbing plants will help to add even more decoration to the already intricately designed pergolas or arch. They are highly affective when used to separate sections of a garden or you may wish to use them as a particular feature with seating underneath.

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