Knowing How to Garden – a Satisfying and Practical Way to Spend your Time

Knowing How to Garden Рa Satisfying and Practical Way to Spend your Time  

Gardening is a healthy and enjoyable pastime that brings many benefits, so long as you have the information you need about how to garden. Finding out how to garden will bring years of enjoyment and many other benefits as well.

Most properties have some room for a garden, even if only a small space. Other properties have large areas that need to be cared for with the least amount of work. In both cases, knowing how to garden will make all the difference between a chore and a fun and rewarding activity.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits can help your family’s health and nutrition at the same time as it cuts your grocery bills. In addition, if your kids help you to grow your own vegetables you will have no problem convincing them to eat them! This is another benefit to knowing how to garden.

In the city, where space is at a premium, gardens can be grown in tiny plots or even just in planters, providing you know how to garden. Even in winter, a garden can be grown in a window greenhouse. Many residents of cities beautify their small properties with a well designed garden.

Climate plays an important part in knowing how to garden. Different plants grow in different climates and it is important to know what plants are best suited to your climate zone. In addition to the main climate zone that your garden is located in, it’s important to know your garden’s microclimates. For example, a garden located on the north side of a house will obviously support different plants than one on the south side. Likewise, you need to take into account wet areas of your garden compared to dry areas, sunny compared to shady, warm areas near a brick wall compared to cool areas exposed to the wind.

Soil condition is also very important in knowing how to garden. Some plants like acid soil while others like soil that is more alkaline. Soil needs to have the right nutrient balance as well. Knowing how to make simple tests of your soil and how to adjust soil to the right balance is important.

Insects and pests are another area that you need to learn to know how to garden. Some insects are beneficial or even necessary for your garden, while others must be controlled. Likewise, knowing how to keep weeds under control is important for your garden. In past years, these questions were simple – just spray a chemical insecticide or pesticide and the pests and weeds would disappear. Now that we know how dangerous many of these chemicals are and what health problems they have caused, it is necessary to know how to garden using safe methods and avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals.

Knowing how to garden is a very rewarding life skill. You can be sure that once you start, you will be hooked! There are very real benefits that provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

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