Some Helpful Vegetable Gardening Tips

Some Helpful Vegetable Gardening Tips  

Article by Clifford S. Magno

There is nothing as satisfying as working in your home garden to watch vegetables grow after putting in all the hard work and money. Successful gardening is much more than just popping a few seeds in the ground and waiting for vegetables to grow.

Important Vegetable Gardening Tips

For any gardening to be successful, you need to follow three Ps and these are planning your garden, preparing the soil and planting the vegetables. A good vegetable garden needs good planning well in advance. Places that receive full sunlight are the ideal for vegetable gardening. But you have to take care of other factors such as soil quality, drainage, shade from other trees or building etc. For vegetable garden crops to mature properly, it must get at least 6 hours of full sun every day. There is no possible replacement for natural sunlight.

One very important vegetable gardening tip is to make sure that the soil should be very fertile and drainage should be good so that extra water can drain out easily during monsoons. The areas that are very windy are best avoided as strong winds can break or dry out the plants. For your convenience, choose a place near a water source. Plant the garden so that you can visit it often and monitor the plants for pests and general health.

Another vegetable gardening tip is to ensure a fertile and well-drained soil. The soil should be reasonably free of stones, supplied with organic matter and moisture retentive. Subsoil is also equally important and having rock ledges, hard shale, deep sand, gravel beds and hardpan under the soil surface will make the garden soil development difficult or at times, impossible. Alkalinity or acidity of soil is measured in pH. Soil acidity will depend upon the type of vegetable and soil that has pH less than 7.0 is acidic and more than 7.0 is alkaline.

A good vegetable gardening tip to plant the vegetables is to use stakes to mark the different rows. Once you have worked on the soil, you are ready to sow the seeds and put in the vegetable bedding plants.

Other Useful Vegetable Gardening Tips

There are many people who enjoy tasty, healthy, organic vegetables that are fresh from the vegetable garden. There are some important organic vegetable gardening tips that can come quite in handy once you start working on your organic vegetable garden. For the healthy plants, you have to provide good growing conditions. Some plants are more susceptible to disease and pest problems as compared to others. To ease your gardening, look for varieties that are disease-resistant.

An important vegetable gardening tip is to feed your plants naturally with well-rotted animal manure. Planting the same vegetables at the same spot every year can build up disease. Hence, try to plant the crops in different part of your garden every year.


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