Urn garden tips to make your home garden attractive

Urn garden tips to make your home garden attractive  

Generally in small city dwellings outdoor space is not available in every home, and garden in home become the way of enjoying plants and flowers in such placescircumstances. By following some container plant ideas you can make your container garden look more impressive and beautiful. Container plants are creative and offer immediate gratification.

The only rule which you need to follow for a garden in homeis that of giving the plants all that which they need to thrive. selecting evergreen plants and following certain design principles with respect to the size of plant and container can really make your garden more attractive.

For ensuring that you are surrounded by greenery throughout the year in your home you can opt for help from the following container plant ideas:

The size of the plant and the size of the pot should be compatible with each other. The container size must also be in accordance with the size of the place where it will be placed. If the deck on which the pot is to be placed is large, then you need to place big pot on it while if it is a small house small pots will look more attractive.

The height of the plants must not be more than twice the height of the pot and the width should not be more than 1.5 times the width of the pot. If the pot is simple, the plant needs to be colorful while if the pot itself is artistic and beautiful, a simple plant will also go well with it.

The color plays an important role in container plant ideas. The color of the plant and the pot must suit the color of the site where they are placed. You can also select contrast colors for an impact or can stay with one color in different shades for harmony and tranquility. If the color of the pot or container is beautiful, make sure that they are not hidden by plants trailing on them.

A focal point must be created in the container plants having one large plant within a group of containers. This can also be done with bold leaves, striking colors and a large container in between.

You can experiment with different container plant ideas and have fun. Herbs, vegetables, perennials etc. can be mixed for your garden in home. Another important thing amongst garden in home ideas is sufficient holes in the pot for proper drainage. If you do not like a garden of your idea you can remake it as many times as you want up to your satisfaction.



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