5 Gardening Tips For Maintaining & Taking Care Of Your Garden

5 Gardening Tips For Maintaining & Taking Care Of Your Garden  

Article by Adrian Hargray

Landscaping for a re-design of your home’s exterior appearance can be a good investment if done right. But getting a landscaping job without first taking care of your garden can result in a look that doesn’t look appealing. So your garden plays a pivotal part in the makeover that you’re ready to delve into, and it will also help for better structure of your lawn.

To make sure that your garden is up to par, consider the following gardening tips:

1) Prune your plants

Pruning is an essential part of your gardening plan, and it plays a key role in the overall appearance of your garden makeover. Whenever you prune your plants and don’t like what you have done, don’t fret. Simply start over and start growing that plant again.

2) Don’t water during the day

When summer time comes around, you could experience a few problems in your garden do to the high humidity that summer weather brings. But to avoid getting your plants and garden wet, simply store them in for night. This will help prevent damage from occurring to your plants and will allow you to sustain the garden look that you’re looking for.

3) Remove all mildew

Removing mildew should be an integral part of your gardening strategy. To keep your garden up to date and fresh, mildew needs to be accounted for and dealt with accordingly. One of the most common forms of mildew that is found in gardens is powdery mildew, and it mostly takes its toll on ornamental plants.

Powdery mildew leaves a white stain on the leaves of your plants, and plants such as Dogwoods and Sand cherry also get affected by this fungus. You can help stop the growth of this fungus by spraying your plants with fungicide. This will prevent the formation of this fungus and will help you to eliminate all other kinds of funguses also.

4) Prevent the fire blight fungus

Fire blight is another fungus that is known to grow and affect plants during the summer time. It usually affects apple trees, crabapple trees, and a few other kinds of plants. You’ll know if your plants have the fire blight fungus if any of the branches on the plant turns red and then slowly withers away. To remove and prevent fire blight, you should prune the affected branches and remove it from as far as the plant as possible.

One other thing that you should know about the affected branches is that you should burn it since it is contagious and can spread. To prevent it from spreading from other parts of the plant, you should dip good parts of the affected plant into alcohol.

5) Remove the pythium blight fungus

Pythium blight is a fungus that occurs usually at night. It grows in very humid conditions and usually starts to take its toll on wet grasses during the night. You’ll know if you have it by looking at your grass in the morning time. It looks like cotton candy on the top of your plants. To prevent it, you should water your plants in the day time as early as possible.

All 5 of these tips will help you to take care of your garden while avoiding as much funguses as possible. You should start using them today to start taking better care of your garden tomorrow.

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