A Selection Of The Very Best Vegetable Gardening Tips

A Selection Of The Very Best Vegetable Gardening Tips

possibly the very best tip for growing vegetables is the one for selecting a location for the veggie patch, ideally it will have 6-8 hours of sunlight per day, be out of the wind and the soil must have good drainage. Your location could make it impossible to have the ideal spot, but outside of creating more sunlight you can always produce a windbreak or engineer the garden for better drainage, taking some time to think about as well as plan your garden lays the foundation for success and a bumper harvest each year.

Quality of soil is very important, if it’s sandy add some humus and compost to increase the standard, add gypsum to clay based soil for a similar effect, if you have to you can purchase some good topsoil to add to your own. You can always try your neigbors, if they have good soil they may spare you a few wheelbarrow loads for you.

Seeds would be the foundation of your backyard, always use best quality seed products and try to use heirloom seed products if you can as well as after each planting conserve some seeds for the coming year. keep the old seed packets and put your own harvested seeds in them, you’ll always then have planting instructions handy. Use old toilet rolls or egg cell cartons to raise your seeds (the toilet rolls provide a good wind break and prevent nasty bugs getting to your own seedlings when they are the most vulnerable), as the vegetation grow they will break down into the soil, you may also buy commercial seed raising pots if you wish.


When planting, put the short plants closest to the sunshine and the tallest at the back of your garden so the shortest plants don’t eventually have their sun obscured by the tall plants. You may also plant short growing cycle vegetation like lettuce in the rows between slower growing plants to maximize the space in your garden and get the most out of it.

Plant flowers such as daisies and marigolds in with your vegetables to assist with natural insect control, they also look excellent too! Have ample mulch on the garden to keep the moisture in and it can also keep some weeds at bay. Pull the weeds in your garden by hand or even with a hoe, if you put them in a covered bucket of water for a 7 days, strain and add an equal part of fresh water you have a excellent organic fertilizer for your garden. You can also make use of boiling water or vinegar in a spray bottle, but remember, vinegar will also destroy your vegetable plants therefore use cautiously.

Try out companion sowing to not just keep pests away but to also maximize growth of plants, care really needs to be used when companion planting since a number of plants do not like to grow close to each other. Herbal plants additionally make great companion plants and function perfectly together with the veggies if planted correctly. Finding truly good vegetable gardening ideas will make growing vegetables a whole lot less complicated and a a lot more successful.

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