Advice on vegetable gardening?

sweet19daddy asks: Advice on vegetable gardening?
i am TOTALLY new to gardening. i followed the miracle grow soil directions but i have NO idea how much water i should be using when im watering. it said for the 1st week i need to water everyday and then twice a week there after. but i have no idea what is enough water when i am watering. if anyone could give me some guidelines or signs that i have enough water i would appreciate it. also other tips are appreciated. im planting watermelon, sweet corn (from seed) and yellow & red bell peppers

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Answer by toemas05
Hmmm… about the watering, my mom used to have tons of veggies in her garden. I know that I used to sit out there for about 5 minutes just saturating the garden… I’m sure that you can’t over-water a garden, but you would be able to tell if you were. Just set a little sprinkler or something out there for about 5-10 minutes to water your garden.

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  1. Well as for watering a garden the best way to go is for the soil to be nice and moist. You don’t want it soaking wet because then that could lead to run off and the growth of a lot of weeds. it also depends on the location of the garden, whether it is in a potted garden or what. There is a pretty good article attached. The first part is relevant to what you want to know.

  2. well did you plant seeds or plant?. how hot is it where you live?water underneath the plant do not spay water on there leaves.i need more information…good luck!!!

  3. Watermelons especially need lots of water if you want nice juicy fruit. As mentioned already, it’s hard to overwater a garden unless you are sprinkling around the clock.

    Every evening for 1/2 hour is what I do and my garden is nice and full.

  4. I just water enough to wet the ground. When first planting, I water more. I watch my garden and can tell just by looking at a plant if it needs something.

    Someone answered that you shouldn’t water the leaves. that is far from true. You shouldn’t water at night, because the water won’t evaporate faster and bugs will be attracted.

    Also, nothing wrong with miracle gro, but I don’t know why you need it. I use it only if I am trying to recover a sick plant. I use fertilizer from stratch like blood meal, and bone meal. You get a lot more for your money.

    Watermelon and corn are great complements to plant together. Make sure you plant lots of corn.

    I live in Philly with a small yard, and it is amazing what I can produce every year

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