Basic Indoor hydroponics Gardening Guide – Plants Growth Factors

Basic Indoor hydroponics Gardening Guide – Plants Growth Factors

Complete freedom from environmental factors gives indoor hydroponic gardening its ultimate advantage. All the elements needed for optimum plant growth are provided by the indoor hydroponic gardening system. Light, temperature, pH, CO2 and Oxygen are important factors that should be considered in planning your indoor hydroponic garden system.

 Light and Photosynthesis

 Essential sugars are created by plants through photosynthesis which is the process of converting carbon dioxide, water and nutrients into energy. Light is considered the most important factor because it provides energy for this chemical reaction. Studies show that an increase in light intensity directly increases the amount of sugar produced. This steadily goes up till the saturation point for light is reached by the plant. Increasing the level of light received by the plant should also be considered. Normally, a plant receives around 8-12 hours of sunlight in a day depending on the season. Plant exposure to this amount of light received in a day should be maintained in an indoor hydroponic garden system. Spacing is also important, be sure that they don’t block the light and ensure all plants received equal amount of light.


Plants not receiving enough grow light will have lasting negative effects on its growth even when corrected. Some characteristics are stems which are spindly and elongated leaving them ineffective in supporting plant growth. A decrease in the amount and size of the leaves is also one problem. More damaging effects of improper lighting are a decrease or absence of fruits, decreased overall quality and a change into a yellowish pigmentation for the plant.

Carbon Dioxide also plays a major role in Photosynthesis. Plants utilize the CO2 present in the atmosphere than anything else. CO2 systems are available which increase the levels of CO2 in your indoor hydroponic garden system

Good ventilation should also be considered as they maintain temperature and a steady fresh supply of CO2 and oxygen at all times. Complex setups require more complicated ventilation systems but an oscillating fan set on the same timer as the lights would ensure airflow that eventually allows for optimal plant nutrients in an hydroponic system.

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