Can anyone recommend a web site that offers complete tips on vegetable gardening?

by floato

Beth 1188 asks: Can anyone give me a web site that offers complete tips on vegetable gardening?
I’m in Texas close to Dallas and am starting a garden this year. I’m planting tomatoes , squash , bell peppers , cucumbers ,okra , and herbs.. The past few years I have had no luck with tomatoes at all and I’ve tried everything. I did the topsy turvy thing last year and my plants got water loged and died. Any tips for me would be great, And also does anyone know anything about having a raised garden?

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  1. Hello fellow Dallasite. Check the link for Texas A&M info. Covers everything about our area. Raised garden info is there among a bunch of other info.

    I can tell you from experience, planting small tomato varieties will help you be successful. Large tomatoes take too much time to ripen before the heat in mid summer kills the plant. A really good producer with excellent taste is the Sun Gold tomato. And the Butterstick Yellow Zucchini grows well.

    Soil amendment is key, so a raised bed with compost as the soil really helps as well.

  2. The secret to growing tomatoes is consistent watering, keeping your plants moist.,default,pg.html

    I live in a climate similar to yours, and for tomatoes my friend bought one of these last year and said she had a bumper crop. I am going to try one this year. I do alright with my tomatoes, but I do get occasional soft black spots on the bottom because inconsistent watering.

    Also I bought a few of these to start my plants early…they work great.,34-952,default,cp.html

    Then the only other advice that I can give you is that to make sure that you give your plants enough nourishment. Deodorized fish fertilizer, every couple of weeks, and you will have the sweetest tomatoes ever! I can not eat tomatoes from the grocery store because mine taste so good.

  3. I’ve had trouble with tomatoes as well, but found that I was watering too much. I don’t know if you are raising them from seed or buying a plant from a store, but I would suggest the latter of the two. Tomatoes are a bit difficult from seed; they need a light so they don’t get so top heavy, etc. Good luck!

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