Can someone tell me what vegetable plants are best for container gardening?

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smiley_girl2265 asks: Can someone tell me what vegetable plants are best for container gardening?
Hi..I was wondering if someone could tell me what vegetable plants are easiest to grow for containers.I do not have the room for a full size garden this year but would like to be able to grow some vegetables this year.Thanks

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  1. Tomatoes are great. Lettuces and spinach and cucumbers and onions. You could probably do some squash. Herbs are good as long as they have good drainage.I have done cabbages with nasturtiums and I always love a couple of big sunflowers with my veggies. Peas or beans as long as the containers are deep enough.There are some that are bushes instead of vines if you don’t want to make supports for them.. If you have a hotspot, try an artichoke or a pepper.

  2. Square foot gardening was the rage in the early 80’s. This guy has great ideas for growing with very little root room. Of course, if you prefer pots, you can use his basic principles.

  3. Tomatoes,peppers , egg plants,smaller varieties of squash and cucumbers.If you look around you can sometimes find varieties of plant made for containers,I grow some cucumbers that are upright growing and don’t use much space.

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