Choose Ashton Gardens For Your Wedding Reception Venue

Choose Ashton Gardens For Your Wedding Reception Venue

Ashton Gardens is associated with everything good and unique. At this magnificent venue, you just do not find a perfect setting in a beautiful space, but lots more which are equally stunning. Whether it is your flowers, your food, or your music, every thing has been perfectly designed to make the ceremony a truly once in a life time affair. It is because of such top of the drawer personalized services that Ashton Garden finds favor with couples who share a taste for everything tasteful and matchless.


No other place can guarantee you an experience as priceless and peerless as Ashton Garden. The safe enclosure assures you a smooth ceremony at any hour of the day. The venue comes with spacious Bridal Dressing Suites and a cozy and warm Family Lounge. For the male members of the party there is a wonderful Groom’s Lounge meant for perfect relaxation.




The wedding reception comprises two spectacular ballrooms with floor to ceiling windows. After the wedding is over, guests can assemble in these majestic rooms and marvel at the sight of the lush dense private forest. If guests assemble here in the evening they can find themselves in fantastic atmosphere lit by the warm lights of crystal chandeliers and large colorful candles. The majestic staircase has been designed for a photo session with your guests.



Like the one of a kind setting of the venue, Ashton Garden can serve your guests food which also will be unique and one of a kind. Serving to your own idea of what a perfect wedding meal is, the unique food of Ashton Garden offers an array of flexible options. If you want, the team will tailor an exquisite menu for you. And what is great, is that you can get it for all budgets.



Choose Ashton Garden as your wedding venue, and cherish delightful memories for the rest of your life!

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