Downtown Chicago Condos: Urban Gardening Tips

Downtown Chicago Condos: Urban Gardening Tips  

Article by Blake Nelson

Residents in Magellan’s downtown Chicago condos already know the benefits of a community garden. In addition to fresh herbs and produce, residents also have a unique space to interact with their neighbors. But as any experienced gardener will tell you, Chicago summers can be a brutal. The high temperatures and humidity require gardeners remain diligent about watering on a high alert for destructive insects. So before enter the world of horticulture, take a look at these helpful summer gardening tips and make sure you get the most out of your new hobby:

Know what to grow: Gardens change with the seasons. What could be a safe pick in September might be a horticultural nightmare in July, so make sure what you’re planting is in season. Some low-maintenance summer produce include: basil, blueberries, summer squash, and tomatoes. If you’re more interested in flowers try Early Bird Gold, angelonias, or roses. And remember to stagger your grow times. That way your garden will look healthy and full through the entire season. Don’t forget to look up the frost-date in your area; the longer vegetables stay underground, the better they’ll be when they’re harvested.

Tilling Tips: Tilling is a crucial step for all gardening projects. Gardeners use either a shovel or a spade for this task, so if you don’t have either, you may want to pick one up. For smaller gardens, the spade may be the better option since it allows for more versatility because of its ability to both split perennials and grass, cut sod and roots, and can even be used as a hammer.

Beware of Pests: Summer may bring in sunshine, but it also brings some destructive bugs into gardens. Part of a gardener’s job is to defend their crops from aphids, white flies, and other pests. Remember to remain diligent and spray both upper and lower leaves with neem or pyola every 7 to 10 days. However, not all bugs are bad, worms help make the soil more manageable for plants and ladybugs help protect plants from nature’s the more destructive insects.

Prune, Prune, Prune: Pruning is especially important for summer plants like roses and lilacs, which look unruly when they’re left to grow unsupervised. Trimming away dead leaves gives your garden makes your garden look healthier and easier to manage. Remember to make sure to trim the shrub after the flower has bloomed, and don’t forget to cut away the weak and deadwood as well.

If you’ve just moved into one of Magellan’s downtown Chicago condos and you’re looking for tips on urban gardening, this list of helpful hints will turn you into a green thumb in no time.

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