Easy Gardening Tips For Growing A Simple Garden

Easy Gardening Tips For Growing A Simple Garden  

Article by Peyton Hines

While not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the proverbial green thumb, that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple ways to having a garden that’s not only easy to take care of, but pleasing to the eye as well. Gardening that involves plants and flowers that are simple to maintain, but yet still add interest and appeal really isn’t as hard you may think. The trick is to plan ahead and decide what type and kinds of plants and flowers that you can maintain.

One of the quickest and easy gardening tips is to simply buy plants that are already growing in hanging baskets. Most of these are arranged beautifully and will brighten up just about any type of space. Hanging baskets can be placed on plant stands either inside or outdoors, or hung from hooks on porches or ceilings. Making good use of the available gardening space will be extremely beneficial in the planning of your garden.

Potted plants are yet another easy gardening idea and can be purchased already fully grown, or you can use pots and a variety of different plants to make your own unique creation. Numerous stores carry a wide variety of sizes and differently shaped pots. All you’ll need is the potting soil and the flowers or plants you’re interested in growing. More than likely the most maintenance your potted plants will ever need is watering and the occasional pruning. Potted plants are the ideal easy gardening solution for those of us without a lot of outdoor space typically needed for a full garden and can be placed in the yard, near walkways, or just about anywhere around the home.

Potted plants are easy to care for since you can move them to various locations as the need for sunlight and water arise.

Of course if you’re really anxious to get out there and get your hands dirty, easy gardening tips can apply to the outdoor garden as well. First, be sure the soil is actually ready for planting. Any local nursery, home improvement, or gardening center should have additives that greatly improve soil conditions. Once the soil is prepared, find some flowers that are low-maintenance, such as pansies, impatiens, or petunias, which are colorful, but fast growers that are easy to take care of.

Great ideas for easy gardening are literally everywhere you look. Most of the home improvement or do-it-yourself stores offer free classes on gardens that are full of useful hints. It’s also helpful to know what types of plants will fare best in your particular region or climate before planting. All gardening stores carry a wide variety of books and educational material for all types of gardening. The local library is also a good source for educational help with gardening.

For truly easy gardening, learn what type of plants will work best with the amount of space you have, as well as the amount of time you have to dedicate to their care. Hanging or potted plants are perhaps one of the very easiest ways to have your own garden, but without all the fuss and muss.

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