Easy Gardening tips

Easy Gardening tips

If you don’t mind digging through soil and running in to the occasional worm, waiting weeks for a plant to bloom and having dirt under your fingernails and manage to enjoy it, you could be considered a gardening enthusiast. But not everyone enjoys getting their hands dirty with gardening chores. These tips will help the not-so-enthusiastic gardener to have a lovely garden with half the effort.

Grouping your plants according to their maintenance needs is a good idea and could save you from a lot of running around the garden. Grouping plants that require little water, plants that require more water and plants more prone to insect attacks separately could make the most out of the different conditions on different parts of your garden as well (i.e. plants that require more sunshine will benefit from sunny areas of your garden).

Instead of opting for high maintenance plants, go for locally available, easy to maintain plants that needs very little tending. Meet your greengrocer and get some advice on what kind of plants will do best in your garden. Orchids are a great option for this purpose. Since they are parasitic plants, you can introduce a few orchids to some of the larger trees in your garden. If the right species is chosen very little to no maintenance will be required to keep your orchids looking good.

Adding non-plant decorative items could boost the appearance of your garden by a great deal. Traditional garden gnomes, benches, large rocks, bird baths and solar garden lights could add to the overall appearance of your garden. For barren areas of your garden where you can’t seem to grow anything, placing a few recycling bins and recycling boxes to collect your waste items is a good idea which will generate a little bit of income for you while allowing your peeping neighbours to create a positive image of your garden.

If all else fails (to get you out to the garden), choose to employ your kids to do the job for you. Your kids would love to actually be permitted to play in the mud, catch worms, water flowers and feed the birds to keep your garden looking great. Gardening could provide your kids with education, good exercise, their daily requirement of vitamin D and also help them learn about responsibility by taking care of plants.

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