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by DrWurm

Find Garden Tips At Garden Guides  

A lot of garden tips and advice arrives to us on some hard-to-read, garden blog with a beastly background, pop up ads, advertisements littering the text and cheesy midi music playing in the background. It’s enough to send any serious gardener to the book store to find an appropriate tome instead. However, every once in awhile, you can find an excellent website dedicated to answering gardening questions and providing insightful advice, hints and ideas for creating the perfect garden, whether for fruit, vegetables or flowers.

You may be wondering about the beautiful gardens that win garden contests or you might be looking for a gardening video to show you how to plan and create your own dream garden. At, you can read about orchestrating the perfect garden lighting, about installing proper drainage and about integrating walkways or artwork into your cozy backyard habitat. You can read about a number of different garden styles, including Alpine, Cottage, English, French, Family, Forest, Fragrant, Japanese, Kids, Zen and more.

You will also learn about landscaping, creating edible gardens, planting flowers or creating water gardens. You will gain insights on how to attract butterflies, birds and helpful insects, while keeping pests out. You can also learn how to garden by color, light, season or type of space.

Other garden tips revolve around plant species and varieties. Beginners may want to read about getting started with perennials or annuals. For instance, if you click on the tab for perennial flower gardening, you’ll learn how to choose the right flowers, how to plant and grow them, how to cut and dry them, how to prepare the perennials for winter, how to propagate and troubleshoot them, and you’ll get lists of perennial flowers and plants. Visitors to the site can read about rose gardening and caring for cacti, or read up on spreading moss and ivy covers. Even if you’re just curious about planting some new grass, you’ll find valuable information here.

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