Gardening Tips For Spring

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Gardening Tips For Spring

The springtime is usually a favorite of all gardeners as their plants emerge from their winter hibernation and begin to bloom. Just as the spring sees the rebirth of many of your plants, many gardeners see it as the time when their gardens should be reborn. This means that the spring time can be a great time to make fundamental changes to your garden, like adding or removing certain types of plants or redesigning the basic layout or seed beds. Depending on the type of garden it is and what you grow there, the spring is also when you may want to consider adding new non-plant elements into the mix and tending to your compost.

Unfortunately, the excitement of spring to the gardener often results in actions being taken too quickly that can result in problems. For example, many people begin digging in their flower beds far too early in the season, resulting in damaging their soil. Basically, when you grab a handful of soil from your flower beds, the soil should be dry enough that it falls apart loosely. If the soil clumps together, then it is still too wet and should not be tampered with yet. Similarly, many people get carried away with removing their winter mulch, removing it too soon, only to have a late season freeze cause all sorts of damage.  

Both grass and most weeds grow vigorously in the early spring, so it is important to begin control measures right away as this will save you time and energy later in the season. With respect to grass, it is important to keep your garden edging intact as the grass will encroach on your flower beds very quickly. You may want to consider installing permanent edging in the early spring to save you a lot of time later on. Weeds also grow very aggressively in the early spring, so the more you remove in the early spring, the easier it will be to keep them under control later.

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