Q&A: Help! Gardening?

senn asks: Gardening…………?
Plz Give me important tips…..some necessary points which must be taken care of while gardening!!!!

Early thanks to all………!
thnx all for ur kind suggestions..these might help me in my gardening process….!!!

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Answer by insane_mad_maniak
pull up the weeds, and roots dont just cut them. use some fertilizer, and befor you buy any plants check your soil type, get a PH tester, and find out if it’s a acid or alkaline type soil.

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  1. If you live somewhere that’s hot or doesn’t have a lot of rainfall watering your plants is going to be the most important thing.

    Ideally you should make your watering system as easy to use as possible and preferably automatic – because one really hot day without water can cause devastation in your garden. (Unless you’ve gone for a cactus garden).

    A thick layer of mulch should make watering easier too, it helps preserve the water and provides nutrients for the plants as it breaks down.

  2. I would kill all of the old vegetation. I burn where I am about to plant. This adds minerals to the soil and keeps the weeds down. Plants like nitrogen and water. Not too much water as they will rot and or not develop a root system.

  3. Know what sort of soil you are working with. If you aren’t familiar with soil types, take a sample to your extension agent or garden center. They can help identify your soil type and help you choose how to amend it or whether or not it needs amendments.

    Know the requirements of your chosen plantings. You don’t want to put a rose bush in the shade, for example, if you want blooms. Roses want sunshine.

    Know your good garden pests and bad garden pests. There is no point in battling a beneficial insect. There is also no point in allowing a marauder to remain in your garden.

    Learn to recognize weeds vs. your plantings. There is nothing more heartbeaking than tearing our your seedlings thinking they are weeds. Or leaving a weed to flourish thinking you planted it :p Been there. Done that.

  4. do treat them as ur own children, best is call a gardner once nd knw more abt gardening like abt the quality of soil to be used nd which kind of plants u shuld plant in ur garden for help nd if u think he has given u gud lesson then u can call him for new nd different varieties of plants specially the roses one. I love the smell of lilly if u too then plant tht also. My mom’s garden has gwaba plant also, the fruits in home garden r mostly so tasty tht u will knw when u will maintain ur garden frm now onwards best wishes.

    Well never plant a cactus in ur home its not good, and even the lemon tree shuld not be planted inside our home (if ur garden is on terrace) , let the lemon tree be outside ur home .

  5. hi senn started gardening hmmmmmmmm………… anyways i don hav much knowldge abt gardening all i knw is that water them regularly n haan make sure that u don spray harmful insecticides on them take gud care of them..

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