How can i not get bored with gardening?

ms. finch asks: How can i not get bored with gardening?
already i’m kind of sore from planting and weeding. it’s so friggin chilly out even though a few days ago it was warm. How do i keep from getting bored by gardening? i enjoy it but sometime it leave me feeling jaded.

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Keep your iPod or MP3 player with you..

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  1. If you are a vegetable gardener like me, think how the fruits of your labor are going to taste come harvest, and you will have a whole lot better quality ” fruit ” than you “have to” pay for. If that still bores you, try planting something different, like asparigus.( takes 3 years to harvest 1st crop )

  2. Get an i pod or other such device put your fav tunes on and get cracking at the garden. Do things in little stages set a goal of what your are going do not over do it you will get a feeling of achievement. Have a B B Q enjoy it it should not be a chore.Things take time just look forward to what its going to look like. But there is not a lot you can do with the weather…sorry

  3. I loved Science lab as a kid and so I use the garden as a big Science play ground. I experiment with different mulches – deciding which works best for which plant…etc. I also play and do things like decorate a scarecrow, or use some “found item” as a decoration. I put a plant where it shouldn’t be – like a flower in with the onions. I have some raised beds and some flat ground. I also raise at least 1 new type of vegetable every year – this year it is orach. I’m still drinkin the parsnip wine from 2 years ago! I’m also an Indiana Master Naturalist that enjoys doing talks on Wild Edibles. That means I get to leave what some people call weeds grow in my garden for food. Makes a great excuse if you don’t get a chance to weed! Play – get dirty & enjoy. Find a young child to take with you – that always gave me a new “look” at the wonders in the garden.

  4. Skip pulling weeds. I like gardening because I am into exercising. I also like the fresh salad and tomatoes all day. I live in South Dakota and stay cooped up all winter so when spring time rolls around, I am ready to work in the yard.

  5. Garden through the comfort of your own home and computer on Yahoo Answers Home & Garden.

  6. Soft music and a glass of fresh lemonade or wine. Don’t be really quick to just get it done and over with, then it can feel like you are doing a chore. Take your time and enjoy the wonderment of God’s creations that you are improving upon!

  7. Get someone to throw some loose change into your garden and then go dig it up. Should keep you from being bored for hours and will fill your pockets with change

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