How to start out gardening, wanting to try new things this summer?

asks: How to start out gardening, wanting to try new things this summer?
This summer I want to do some new things, like crochet, baking, and possibly some gardening. But I have never really had any experience with gardening… If any of you guys could give me some pointers or tell me how to start, please do. Also I live in South Carolina, if that helps anyone.

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Answer by Bud Vet
Till the earth and put some seeds down. Take the weeds out and water it daily. Its easy and you will enjoy!

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  1. I just started gardening too! It really is easy. Just look at what plants people have in their gardens so you get an idea of what can grow where (sun, shade, etc) and what thrive in what situation. Then you can go to the nursery and buy some plants. They’ll say where they can grow on the tags, too. You can also buy some seed packets, they have instructions on the back. It’s spring so plant things now, if you plant them in summer you’ll have to water them all the time to keep them from wilting before they get established. You don’t need to water things if it isn’t too dry out, but you need to water them once after you plant them so the dirt fills in around the roots.

  2. Beginning gardeners, once they decide to take the plunge, often dive into gardening with an enthusiasm that gets them into trouble down the road. At the community garden where I have my plot, I’ve seen new gardeners make the same mistakes over and over, and after talking to experienced gardeners I know–several I don’t know, from Yahoo Answers–I came up with the a list of The Top Ten Mistakes Beginning Gardeners Make. It may give you some idea of the terrain you’re trying to navigate, and you’re a lot more likely to have a bountiful garden if you avoid common pitfalls.

    You can find the list here:

    Good luck, and happy gardening!

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