Hydroponics gardening guide -introduction to growing mediums and hydroponic supplies used in hydroponics

Hydroponics gardening guide -introduction to growing mediums and hydroponic supplies used in hydroponics

Growing medium is any medium, in which a plant can grow. Generally, hundreds of multiple types of growing medium exist: some are manmade and some are organic. Sometimes, even old AIR can work as a good growing medium for roots.


Defining the best growing medium is pretty challenging and disputable. It is a matter of personal likes, preferences and exact growing needs or requirements in most cases. It is like choosing a car: everyone picks the one, which suits his/her personal likes and requirements: someone chooses a small economic car for city traffic, and someone prefers powerful SUV to conquer sand and morass. Just like choosing a car depends on many factors, while choosing a growing medium it is also necessary to consider many variables, for example, what type of system is used, what plants you are going to grow and under what environmental conditions. Though there are a great variety of factors to consider while choosing a particular growing medium, it often comes to price, availability and personal preferences. 


The most common types of growing mediums as well the description of their key advantages, disadvantages, their basic characteristics and tips on general use are specified below.


Oasis cubes

 Expanded Clay Pellets



Coconut Fiber





 Sphagnum Moss




 Fiberglass Insulation

 Saw Dust


Soilless Mix(s)


 Lava Rock

Oasis cubes

Oasis cubes are lightweight cubes, which serves the best for plants propagation from seeds or cuttings. Pre-formed oasis cubes are commonly used by hydroponic gardeners. This type of growing medium features neutral pH level and can hold water very well.

Since oasis cubes are usually used at the first stages of plant growth, they are usually not larger than 2” x 2” inches in size. It is very easy to transplant such cubes into any type of hydroponic system, growing medium or even into the soil. 

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