I need to write a report on anything having to do with organic gardening.any suggestions?

La Cicada asks: I need to write a report on anything having to do with organic gardening.any suggestions?
Not composting, toads orpesticides

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“Organic gardening is most easily defined as a philosophy that stresses the use of naturally occurring substances and friendly predators and avoiding man-made chemical fertilizers and pesticides.” * This link has forums on tons of subjects relating to organic gardening:

You can write about how something safe & non-toxic as milk can be use as both a fungicide & a pesticide.
Milk helps control powdery mildew: Why? Some researchers believe that it’s the potassium phosphate in milk that boosts the immune system of plants… making them strong enough to fight off the fungi.
The formula can be as weak as 1 part milk to 9 parts water or as strong as only milk. The weaker solution has to be used more frequently. A 1:1 dilution works for a week. But a 1:8 solution has to be sprayed on every 3 to 4 days.
It also cured a cyclamen plant of a fungi called Botrytis (a blight disease) just by getting rid of rotten leaves & applying leftover breakfast milk on the plant every morning. (1)

As a pesticide, I’ve used sour milk to kill insect eggs on my cabbage plants. If I didn’t have any sour milk on hand, I just added lemon juice to the milk & then poured it over the cabbage heads.
BTW, I also sprinkled white flour on the dampened leaves of the cabbage to get rid of the crawling critters that like to chomp on them. The flour sticks to them & they suffocate & fall off.

I’ve learned just about everything I know about organic gardening from these magazines; “Mother Earth News, ”
& “Organic Gardening” by Rodale Press whose web
site is :http://www.organicgardening.com/

Good luck!

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  1. How about a theme dealing with recycling, which encompasses more than just composting.

  2. You could write about what types of chemicals organic growers are permitted to use on their crops. You can find this information on the USDA website. You could put a spin on it and give good adn/or bad reasons for why people would (or wouldn’t) buy organic products.

    Just pick something that you find interesting about organic gardening. you can’t beat a pro and con paper.

  3. Watch “The Real Dirt On Farmer John”, then write your report on the movie. It’s fun, all about organic, and you can get it on Netflix. Maybe you can even screen it on your class, you’d get an A and one day without boring lecture.

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