Interior Design for Fall: Gardening Tips and More

Interior Design for Fall: Gardening Tips and More

Fall in the northeast is one of the prettiest seasons of the year. Trees in parks and on streets everywhere put on a blazing red, yellow and orange show as the weather turns crisp. Halloween decorations featuring Jack-O-Lanterns and ghosts and ghouls adorn front stoops and porches, and lights begin to sprout up. Fall is all about deep, earthy colors, and the change of seasons is a great opportunity to update your home interiors. It’s not just about red, yellow and orange – it’s about brown, gold, mineral green, pomegranate, and chocolate hues. Here are some tips for easy, inexpensive ways to update your interior design to capture the beautiful colors of Fall without the need for repainting or remodeling!

1. Update your throw pillows – One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home in Fall is to change your throw pillows. Take away those summery, brightly colored throw pillows in lime green and aqua and white and replace them with throw pillows that match the colors of Fall. Choose solid colored orange, red, brown and deep green hued throw pillows, and go for plump and plush throw pillows in heavier fabrics to bring warmth to your home interiors. Placing throw pillows in groups of three always works well – team two solid colored throw pillows with one that features a Fall scene such as a scarecrow, Jack-O-Lantern or Fall produce like apples and pumpkins.

2. Add a wreath to the door – Fall wreaths are easy to make. Take a grapevine wreath as a base, then decorate it with Fall leaves, such as magnolia, oak, nandina, and maple leaves, along with some other garden trimmings, such as red berries, whole nuts and apples (plastic or real). String everything together using wire and a hot glue gun. Hang it on your front door, and it will be admired by everyone who visits your home.

3. Change your bed linens – You’d be amazed at how your home interiors can suddenly go from summer to Fall with a mere change of sheets. Exchange those summer bed sheets and summery bedspread for chocolate hued sheets and rich colored comforter covers in burnt orange, berry, rich green or burgundy. Top it all off with a few Fall colored throw pillows, and of course a knitted or lambswool rug folded on the end of the bed for when it gets extra chilly. And while you’re at it, bring out your Fall colored guest towels and dish towels to extend that warm feeling into the bathroom.

Finally, include hints of Fall throughout your home interiors. Put some pinecones on the dressing tables in the bedrooms, add a vase of sunflowers to the sitting room, or include a setting on the dining room table featuring berries, apples, peaches, brown pears, whole nuts, and rich colored candlesticks.

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