Is there somewhere I can rent a vegetable garden space?

Chef asks: Is there somewhere I can rent a vegetable garden space?
I would like to get into vegetable and herb gardening but I live in an apartment and have no yard. I live in Pittsburgh on the South Side. Has anyone heard of a community place where you can rent a small plot of land specifically for gardening?
If there is nothing specific for my neighborhood, can you give me an idea of some search terms for something similar you have seen in your neighborhood?

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Answer by Thomas S
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Then just put in your city and what you want.
Most large cities have garden rental spaces.

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  1. In my city we have a communal garden which is free to all residents though you have to apply to receive a plot, designate the plants you intend on putting in there and donate some time to maintaining common areas, like pathways. Our recreational department handles the community garden, hold composting and other classes there and processes the applications. If you have a recreational department in your city, contact them to see whether they are responsible for or even have a community garden. Since our local water utility provides the water for the garden and sponsors it, they often send out notices with the water bill when drought tolerant gardening classes, zeroscapes and other events are being held there. I contacted them to get the referral to our rec department and they may be just as helpful in your quest for your city. Finally, whenever I have a question about what is available in my city, I call the Information Officer at our city hall. She is a wealth of information, can usually give me direct contacts with their phone numbers and knows literally everything available to our city’s residents. Your city may have one too. Finally, almost every community has a Master Gardener available to answer questions to gardeners, troubleshoot, give advice, etc. Ours is located at the University and in some city’s they have their own office. Try calling the Horticultural Department at your local university or community college, or the Agricultural Extension for your county, as they often provide speakers at community garden events. They know where gardeners can garden! Good luck.

  2. You should ask your city about P-patch. My city has those community owned P-patch and anyone can participate. Lots people rent a ‘patch’ and grow veggies & flowers. That’s the place master gardeners -wannabies go volunteers and help, at least in my state.

  3. do you have a patio and railings, you could put up some window boxes on the raling

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