Logmaking, Composting and Other Summer Garden Tips

Logmaking, Composting and Other Summer Garden Tips

Many eco friendly gardening ideas are not just about helping the environment or returning to natural methods; many of them can save money too. There are a great many eco friendly and natural ideas for gardening as there are many eco gardening products, many of which , will benefit the environment, your garden – and your pocket.


Composting is a great method of not only feeding your garden with highly nutritious plant feed that will see your shrubs and lawn flourish, but also composting is a great way to recycle; getting rid of all sorts of waste from kitchen scraps to waste paper.

There are hardly any disadvantages to composting either, other that the fact that it can be a little messy but a composter will help ensure your garden is kept tidy – and many composters make great ornamental features too.

Log Making

If you have an open fire or log burning stove; a log maker is a must. These clever little devices allow you to compress waste paper and cardboard into compacted, burnable firewood. Because they compress the paper they burn slowly producing more heat and generating less smoke. They come in all shapes and sizes from large logmakers to briquette makers and even kindling makers.


Push lawn mowers can be easy to use

Push Mowers

Nobody enjoys mowing the lawn and while we think modern powered lawn mowers and hover mowers are saving us time and energy, the truth is they probably aren’t. Because electrical and petrol powered lawn mowers require motors, there is less space for catching the mowed grass. Also the motors are incredibly heavy meaning that with modern precision engineering, push mowers are now just as easy to use as the heavier powered variety.

Vegetable Planting

No matter if you only have a tiny patch of grass, a window box or acres of fields, you should really give vegetable planting a go. Not only will it save you money; there is no tastier or healthier alternative to homegrown vegetables. For novices, vegetable planting kits will make things easier and as tucking into some homegrown vegetables is about a satisfying feeling you can get – you should give it a try.

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