Organic Farming – What are the Benefits of Organic Farming & Home Gardening?

Lia A asks: Organic Farming – What are the Benefits of Organic Farming & Home Gardening?
I’m eager to get into organic home gardening.

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Answer by paradigm
The benefits are innumerable. Aside from the money you save, you can be certain that your fruits or vegetables do not contain any harmful pesticides. You also have fresh food at your disposal. Although time consuming and very hard work it is also very therapeutic and brings a great sense of accomplishment.

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  1. It’s amazing. We did a garden one year with zero chemicals. We just plowed, planted the seeds in dirt, weeded/tilled and watered. You wouldn’t believe the difference in the way food tastes when it’s all natural. Luckily we live on a farm and have plenty of natural fertilizer! You know exactly where you food came from, when and what was put on it. I love having my own garden. Plus it’s cheaper! No fertilizer or pesticides to purchase and growing your own costs much less than buying in a store.

  2. Some facts about organic farming:

    1. Farmers who switched to organic farming found that their animals turned out healthier thus producing better quality food & dairy

    2. Organic farming lets you grow more in less space. Great for small farms and home gardens

    3. There’s a growing demand for organic foods, making it a profitable industry and a pesticide-free alternative

    4. The US state of Pennsylvania has 84 organic farms. Nationwide there are close to 500 certified organic farms

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