Organic Gardening Advice?

mcdannells asks: Organic Gardening?
We are some of those people who grow organic.
Back in the 70’s-80’s this was something I kept to myself for it was not excepted in modern society. We live in Oregon so it was very excepted at that time.
Today is anther time and people claim that growing organic is the way to go bla bla.
However I am still finding that others are still very cruel to us who chose to grow our plants this way.
I do not understand why people are still very naive and get down right nasty to us who grow organic?
Our plants are HUGE and very healthy! Our edible plants one can eat them at any time during growth.

What are your thoughts on organic gardening?

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Answer by Lar
With me, issue is not usually with the way something was grown but more with who is doing the growing..what I find all too often when in discussion with someone who goes the way of natural horticulture is a “holier than thou” type attitude. Some have the time, desire and even the fortitude for natural growing where others are just as happy splashing the plant with miracle-gro, hitting it with a timely application of an insecticide and don’t even think about hand picking critters off of the plants. 🙂

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  1. I dont get that kind of feedback from my organic gardening.Mostly people are just baffled by it and think that it must be hard.
    We eat, drink,breathe so many chemicals.Our foods are radiated,hormoned,pesticided,and chemically altered and fertilized,I cant see how anyone would see that as preferable to natural.
    Growing organically is a bit of a challenge at first,but well worth it in the long run.The food tastes better,you can eat straight out of the plot without fear of poisoning,and it is beautiful! Whats to make fun of?My friends love to get things from my garden.
    I say;”phooey on them”.The naysayers are all sour grapes!Forget them.

  2. well you tried to tell them but they didn’t listen and now that they find out you were right well it just pissed them off more Look at it this was the more people that are mad at you is a sign of you being right so don’t fret over them you just keep on keeping on ant let those suck heads learn the hard way

  3. I have been doing organic farming for 15 years (8 of that certified organic) in Ohio farm country and have found there is a lot lot less hostility towards what i do but the hostility is still there. I believe this is because people fear what they do not understand and change.

    With conventional farmers remember they have been indoctrinated into the religion of chemical use and biotech and their priest scientists keep telling them this is they way to go even though it is obvious this is what is killing farming in the US (we have lost 95% or so of our farmers since the beginning of the Green revolution).

    We also have chemical corporations that are very very threatened by organic ag because they will lose if every farmer and gardener stopped using their ‘cides and fertilizers and started making their own. these corporations have spent billions making sure as much of the population as possible has a negative view of organics (dirty, pot smoking hippies, over priced food, badly grown and tasting food, etc..)

    So the ignorant keep on believing organic is bad and chemicals are good but this is changing and quickly.

    Personally, I don’t see why someone would grow any way else it works so much better over the long term (and not so long term) than chemical farming/gardening.

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