Organic gardening tips needed!!?

cmize6 asks: Organic gardening tips needed!!?
I’m trying to convince my parents that organic all-natural gardening is better. I’m trying to make a difference in the world- yes with one baby little garden. But I need ways to fight off the bugs in my garden naturally. Tips anyone? Please, and Thank you!

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One of the best sites for gardening a (and many other things) is The Farmer’s Almanac. Here is a link to the page on pests

Btw, the Almanac tells you when to plant seeds in your area; farmers still to this day use it for planting their grain fields. The Almanac also tells you the best day to cut your hair! I think it is so neat 🙂

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  1. You could contact your local extension service. Where I’m from we have a local extension service where you can call in with any gardening/horticulture questions from how to get rid of certain pests, to what disease your plants might have. The local extention or horticulture specialist can answer any of your gardening questions I’m sure. You just have to google or look up the office in your area and it’s as simple as giving them a call. Just try to google, “your area” “extension service”, or “your area” “horticulture specialist”.

    By the way, they will probably ask you what the bugs look like that you are trying to get rid of, which plants do you find them on and what do the plants look like that have been effected by bugs? If you post that info others on yahoo answers might be able to help further.

  2. look on this web site
    one of the top organic gardening organisations
    also see the Soil Association website

  3. Depending on the plant and how bad your bud situation is, sometimes you can spray your plants with cooking oils which certain insects avoid. Also, there are all natural mint oils that some pests don’t like either. But it really depends on your situation and the kinds of pests.

  4. Look for natural and organic alternatives to chemical fertilizers, such as the use of compost. Natural fertilizers, compost and organic materials encourage native earthworms. The soil’s organic matter contributes to good soil structure, and water-holding capacity. Improve the soil with organic matter and fertilizers to develop the best soil for growing seeds and plants.

    Organic Gardening Tips –

    Your main concern when organic gardening is soil health. You want your little ecosystem to be as strong and healthy as possible to support the plants you’re growing and the beneficial microorganisms within the soil that depend upon your plant’s byproducts for nourishment. As you know, these elements work symbiotically to create the best environment for all to survive. Most gardeners begin with a test kit that will provide a detailed analysis of the nutrients present, as well as the acidic or alkaline reading and the drainage level.

    More on Organic Gardening –

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