Rock Garden Maintenance

Rock Garden Maintenance  

Suitable work for the renewal of rock

The rock gardenis a separate piece, and simultaneously co-exist harmoniously with other elements of the garden, helping, and he in turn positively to the aesthetic shaping of the outside world.But the existence of rock and concrete involves work to be done carefully since the beginning of spring and summer for the cleanliness of the area is the rock garden, digging the soil, the replacement of damaged or annual plants, pruning ofplant and soil cover in various materials. In particular, during the spring work on the renewal of the rock is more intense.

Maid of rock

First and foremost task for the renewal and maintenance of rockwe are the good housekeeping of weeds and other unwanted materials, gathered there in the winter, such as stones, leaves and dry twigs. He wants a special attention when removing the weeds so that the root system remained in soil.It is best to remove weeds and often when they are still young because when you grow up big and deep roots in the removal of them can move various parts of the rock, such as rocks or plants.Enriching the soil – the rock carving

At the same time or immediately after cleaning must be followed by a light hoeing the ground, careful not to roll the soil to the bottom and not eradicate existing plants.In some cases you may need to import any quantity of soil, because in the winter rainfall, amount of soil leaving the rock garden. It is added to soil enriched with organic elements and mixed as much as possible with the existing soil.In addition, you must remove the dried stems and roots of plants during the winter months nekrothikan.

Replacement of rock garden plants

The plants due to weather conditions of winter have been destroyed should be replaced.The planting of new plant material is simultaneously or immediately after cleaning and carving the rock. There are several plant species to choose from on cacti and other succulents.Additionally, you can place several flowers annual or long and even different shrub or small tree in different shapes, finding you the best plants based on the style you want to give the rock garden.Indeed, there are so many kinds of plants can be placed in a rock garden that will surely have the dilemma of what they will use.For existing plants in rock gardens, they should be pruned properly so that beyond the boundaries of rock and not to prevent other plant materials. The treatment plant is necessary work for the maintenance and renewal of the rock

Land cover of empty space

The space between plants and other elements in the rock garden can be filled with different ground cover materials.This helps the cosmetic enhancement of rock, the cleanliness of the area as cover soil with high winds can be dragged and devising a particular style that we want to give us the rock garden.Very good materials is gravel in various sizes and coarse sand. You can also use any other natural material want, such as bark or sawdust.Moreover, a good suggestion is to use ground cover plant, but it requires great care so as not to trouble with the other plants.


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