Spring Gardening Tips Round Up

Spring Gardening Tips Round Up

Why does spring always take us by surprise? After what seems to have been a very long winter, the garden is suddenly filled with new life and growth. Whether you’re a keen gardener or someone who prefers low-maintenance options, who can resist the lure of spring sunshine? Now is the time to make the most of your outdoor space!

Get the new season off to a great start with a garden makeover. Be ruthless and get rid of anything that’s past its best or no longer serves its purpose. Repair or replace damaged fences, dangerously cracked paths, and a tumbledown shed. Clean and spruce up your patio and decking. Design a different planting scheme and take a look at new varieties of your favourite plants.

As spring bulbs fade remove dead flowers but allow the leaves to do their job of feeding the bulbs so they’ll produce more flowers next year. If you need to move bulbs to make space for new bedding plants, lift them carefully and re-plant in any vacant sunny spot or in a spare container where they can be left to die down naturally.


Will this summer be a scorcher or a washout? Nobody knows for sure what the weather will be like, but all plants – even drought-resistant ones – will need water. If you haven’t already got a water butt to collect rainwater now is a good time to install one – or more. You’ll be very glad of it if there is a water shortage, but in any case storing and using rainwater saves money if you pay for your water through a meter.

Hanging baskets and window boxes are an easy way to add instant colour, but they can be heavy when filled with damp compost. Check that brackets and fixings haven’t come loose during the winter and are secure and strong enough to take the weight. 

Even the keenest gardeners need to relax and enjoy the results of their labour sometimes! Add privacy, fragrance and dappled shade to your favourite sitting area with a strategically placed screen of sturdy trellis covered with scented climbers such as jasmine, honeysuckle and, of course, roses.

If you will need some expert help with a landscaping project this year don’t delay in asking a local professional landscape gardener* to visit and give you a free, no obligation consultation. Finalizing plans now will enable the work to begin as soon as possible, giving you the whole summer to enjoy your new garden.

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