Top Most Gardening Tips

Top Most Gardening Tips

Gardening always enhances the beauty of a house. These are also said to be the beauty of the nature. People who are gardening seem to be worried about their house plants. But you shouldn’t worry if you take some simple care of your house plants.

Of course you have water the plants but don’t do excess because it will kill your houseplants. If your soil looks dry before watering it you should test with the finger.  Put your finger up to the first joint into the soil. If your finger gets wet, you don’t have to water it. In this method your problem will be solved.

High degree of nitrogen which is usually needed for the leafage plants and K2O is need for the flower growing plants. In these cases optimum amount of fertilizers can be mixed up with the compost. For the plants which are used for the architectural beauty such Cactus, Orchid need special fertilizers. All plants should be fertilized during their most active growth period.


Sufficient light is needed for well growth. Some plants don’t require light on the other hand some will die soon for the lack of sunlight. Senseveria (mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions) and Aspidistra does not need sun. Then can be placed away from your front door. Cleome needs shady places and doesn’t change whether getting sun or not. It is important to check the label and read the manual before purchasing the plants.

Temperature plays a vital role for the houseplants. Most of the house plants can have well growth in cool or slightly warm places. Heat produced by gas impedes the plant’s survival.  Plants which have compatibility to grow in the warm condition, you shouldn’t place them beside your air conditioner in the Summer.

Some types need moist condition. The trick is putting the pot into larger one and fills it up with stone like compounds or compost to maintain moisture. It will better if you make the similar plant groups maintain the humidity level. Daily spray (not more than twice) can also produce better result.

When the roots are well grown they need more space. In this case you have to replace the pot with larger space. Although some doesn’t need changing due their root system is so small. Sometimes root are seen getting out of the pot you can either replace the pot or cut off the roots.

The bottom line is, you don’t have worry too much about your house decorating plants if you follow these simple procedures. 


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