Vegetable Gardening Planting Times Advice?

John Thomas asks: Vegetable Gardening Planting Times Advice?
I found a good site at and got a good free vegetable gardening guide there. But now im wondering what are the planting times I need to follow.

I mean dont the planting times change from season to season? Im a little confused as im trying to plant some tomatoes and I dont know if now is the time to plant them or not. If anyone has any advice on this I would be thankful. Thanks

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Answer by da_zoo_keeper
I think you need to start with, “WHERE DO YOU LIVE”? Then, are you planting them from seed or do you have seedlings (live green plants)? If you area is still in the frost belt, keep everything inside, well lit, and moist.

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  1. Planting times depend almost entirely on your area. In the North, you plant in the spring time, because the snow’s melted, and the rain won’t be heavy enough to crush the plants. In the Southwest, you plant in the fall, because the summer heat won’t kill them, and some rain will finally start watering them.

    Depending on the area, planting times can be very specific and limited, or cover large areas of the calender. Sometimes there may be different times for different plants, etc.

    Tomatoes tend to like it drier than most cultivated plants, but without knowing where you are, I don’t think anyone can tell you want you want to know.

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