Vegetable Gardening Question?

♥ Mary ♥ asks: Vegetable Gardening Question?
I am setting up a patch of land in my backyard for gardening. Right now I am going to be planting sunflowers,sweet corn, cucumber, radishes and green onions.

On the back of a few of the seed packets it says something about planting the seeds on a hill.

Is that I think it means? Like you make a row and a little hill all the way down the row?
Thanks all! Wow, I am so sun burnt and sore from tilling the ground. I will make sure to make little hills though!!

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Answer by Papou
Make a small mound where you are going to plant the seeds.

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  1. a “hill” is just a grouping of seeds.. instead of planting in a row.. Corn and squash are usually in hills, whereas beans might grow in a row.

  2. NO!!! Your garden must be on a hill. These vegetables are unsuitable for flat ground or bottom land.

  3. I find the easiest way to do it is to make several little mounds down the row. Put a couple seeds in each mound and then when they start to sprout, you pull out the weaker sprouts. Enjoy the garden 🙂

  4. yes
    they want you start start the seeds a little higher then the surrounding ground to give them a head start in growth. also, if they are higher then the rest of the soil it is less likely that they will get stopped on by mistake. Also, when you water, they are less likely to wash away or to be over watered, AND the loose soil that your raise ground is made of will collect heat faster during the day.

  5. It means they like a raised bed for extra drainage. For instance, with cucumbers, I mound up about 4 to 6 inches of dirt 1 to 2 feet across and plant 3 plants around the hill. You can make a smaller mound and plant one plant in it. Good luck. Gardening is such fun.

  6. vining plants are often planted in small hills or mounds, not in rows. a 6 -12 mound usually works for most plants like squash and cucumbers

  7. To me “a hill” has always been a plant. If you have 6 hills of squash, you have 6 squash plants in your garden. True some plants do better in raised beds due to drainage {never had that problem, always had problems with getting enough water to them}. I’ve always planted in a furrow {the little dip that the disc leaves when I plow}. As the plant grows I do pull soil to the plant when I hoe the garden to stabilize the plant, forming little “hills” around the base of the plant. Happy Gardening.

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