Vegetable Gardening Tips To Build Perfect Garden?

VegetableGardener asks: Vegetable Gardening Tips To Build Perfect Garden?
Im looking for vegetable gardening tips and want to build the perfect vegetable garden. I have found a really good free ebook to get me started at but wanted to know if anyone has any design plans for a vegetable garden? Thanks

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Answer by Jane
Perhaps look at sunset magazine; they always have cute ideas for your garden!
Or perhaps go to the home depot and look at the magazines they have on gardening.

They are quite helpful!

Good luck!

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  1. No magazine, no website is going to help you to start a vegetable garden, this comes with trial and error. To think about starting a veg garden you first have to think about the climate. Then you must consider veg to suit that climate. You must also consider the ground conditions, whether acid or alcoline. Think about soil drainage too. Once you have fathomed all of these aspects out then by all means come back to Y/A and ask the question again with this knowledge. The website you quote, does not tell you anything about the aspects I have mentioned, it is idealistic.

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