What are some tips on starting a vegetable garden?

babeehopes4 asks: What are some tips on starting a vegetable garden?
I am a beginner…and I really need a lot of information. If there are any great websites (user-friendly) on vegetable gardening…that would be GREAT!!!


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Answer by rustskipper
Hey babeehopes4,

Be sure to turn over the soil, and amend it with some compost or miracle grow (if you like). For small gardens, the raised bed is the best for a beginner. This prevents you from walking on the roots of your young tender plants, as you would have to if you plant rows. It also allows you to establish a fluffy soil. Good growing soil is 25% Air!

The bes web site for a beginner is the Mother Earth site, but there are so many. Look for “raised bed garden” , and “garden beginner”.

Learn how to water – so you do not water too much or too little. This will be 80% of your problems if you do not do it right. Simple, on a raised bed – sprinkle as if raining, so that when a shiny layer of water appears on the bed you stop watering and count how long it takes to disappear. You should be watering so that it takes 3 – 5 seconds for that shiny layer to disappear.

Learn how to fertilize also. Do it sparingly. Learn how to remove pests (disease, non-beneficial bugs, animals, etc).

Smile as you garden! Happy Gardening.

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  1. Get a good book from your local library. Talk to local gardeners to find out what does well in your area.

    My top tips are:
    1. Decide on a sunny spot where you can water easily.
    2. Start small — Don’t try to do too much the first year.
    3. Dig a raised bed about 3-4 feet wide, running north to south. Use plenty good topsoil and compost.
    4. Plant only things you really like to eat and that are expensive or difficult to find in the stores.

  2. Besides an area with good soil and plenty of sun, I would say a good fence with chicken wire for the rabbits, something that makes noise in the wind to scare off birds, an owl statue is good too. I also have lots of problems with insects, so ask at your local gardening center about what is a problem in your area.
    Then get your hands dirty and don’t forget to have fun. I have found that a little garden in the yard does NOT pay for itself in any food cost savings, but canned home made salsa all winter is very satisfying! E

  3. Wow Babeehopes4,
    I asked a question similar to this and didnt get very much help at all. You got some really good answers here especially from the first man. Makes me want to add him as a contact to see what other helpful tips he has. Thats why I clicked on your question because I wanted to see your answers.
    I have no handy answers because like you I am a beginner and actually I got discouraged after reading the yahoo anwsers I got and didnt start my veggie garden.
    Good Luck to you though, it’ll be fun!

  4. Choose a good location in the full sun. Remove the sod and turn the soil with a shovel or tiller. Add a composted material like manure. Don’t over do it your first year. Choose some easy basics like tomato, corn, squash, green beans, peas or watermelon. You will want to buy tomato plants, but most other plants are very easy to start from seeds. Tomatoes aren’t really hard it’s just getting too late most places to start them indoors. Wait till after the last frost date to plant the things listed above. Be sure to start off with healthy plants and good seed. Once planted make sure to water about once every 3 or 4 days depending on how warm and if it rains. I don’t like to over water. Water deeply less often as the plants get larger. Keep an eye out for insect pests. Weed regularly. Have fun and enjoy the harvest.

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