What does gardening teach you about yourself?

♫ Mad Luv ♫ aka ~Pril~ asks: What does gardening teach you about yourself?
Or what have you learned about yourself while gardening.
They say gardening is one of the most relaxing past times. Tho it’s a lot of work.
I learn to have patience most of all out of everything. waiting for the garden to be in bloom.

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Answer by Umboo LunQuay
Patience and the love of food.
Also my knees are shot.

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  1. I certainly haven’t learned patience. I am very impatient waiting for stuff to bloom. I have learned to notice the bees, butterflies, worms, birds and insects who all play a part so I guess it has taught me to appreciate nature more.

  2. That I’m very impatient but it does improve my forethought.

    That it’s OK to fool Mother Nature (cheat).


  3. I started off with it as a recovery thing. I was involved in some bad things as a kid, then decided to help another gardener. I liked it alot, obviously. It taught me that life is both gross and beautiful and that you can’t have one without the other. That, and it taught me that I identify more with plants than animals.

  4. I am a plant collector because I always want to squeeze another plant and that I hate winter, not only because it is cold but because I cannot get out there and ‘garden’.

  5. During the season it is one of my forms of meditation ~ It forces me to be fully present ~ you don’t want to be pulling weeds if you are thinking about anything else, you are assured to pull out good plants as well. There are so many metaphors for the self to be found in gardening, while weeding I’m reminded that I have to work at removing my own defects of charector so that the virtues of my personality can grow.

    As far as patience – I learned it is not about the destination, but the process.

  6. I’ve learned that I have far too little time in my life to spend doing the things I enjoy most. It becomes very evident later in the season when the weeds get out of control and the tomatoes should have been staked up and pinched back much more often than they are.

  7. “A Hour in the Garden puts Life’s Problems in Prespective” It is a time that you take for yourself to get away get your hands dirty and think about things with no one bothering you. They stay away afraid that they are afraid that you will make them do something. Later in the summer you will be able to enjoy the color of the flowers that YOU grew and the taste of home grown veggies.

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