What is the best way to get rid of grass and weeds for flower and vegetable gardening?

Harold Sink asks: What is the best way to get rid of grass and weeds for flower and vegetable gardening?
I know this may take a lot of work, but I have never just had to eradicate both for a large scale multiple gardens.

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sell them to the neighborhood kids.

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  1. You can remove grass with a rentable machine. You will have rows of sod when you are finished and then you can roll it up and carry it away. It does not work well if the area is wet, so wait until it’s dry. Another way is to cover the area with black plastic and wait until the grass is dead and then just turn it under by hand or with a tiller. Or you can dig it up while it is alive and turn it upside down. That will kill grass, but would make the area almost impossible to plant veggies in.
    If you cover the grass with over 2″ of soil, the grass will not come up through it, but you must wait to plant veggies in it.
    Then there’s Round Up, but you still have to get the dead grass out of there.

  2. This is what I call the Lazy man’s way to prep a garden plot. You buy some thick mill,black plastic then cover the area you want to work in. You need to make sure all the edges are held down tightly,some 2×4″s would work you don’t want any sun getting under the plastic.Now comes the Lazy man part,you just wait about 6 weeks, depending on how much sun is shining,then remove the plastic.You should have a bunch of dead everything ready to prep for gardening.Good luck

  3. Ortho has a special spray to rid your bed of grass that won’t hurt your plants, it is called grass-b-gone and it works great. For weeds in an existing flower or vegetable bed where plants are close together I use a hoe or shovel to loosen the weeds and then lift them out making sure to get all the roots. When I am done to prevent further problems I put down preen and 3 inches of mulch. If your plants are spread out you can spray round-up on the weeds, but be careful not to get it on your plants. Hope this helps you.

  4. in flower beds i use weed blocker laid down first then i cover it with a nice mulch that wont take away from the flowers i like a dark shredded.mulch.in the garden i use grass clippings.i spread them around the plants ,it keeps the ground moist and blocks the growth of weeds,etc, and at the end of the season i till it under as compost.it,s a win win situation

  5. I spray the grass & weeds $ anything green with Round Up. It doesn’t seem to foul the soil but kills the vegetation. I do it every year about a week before I plant.

  6. Round up does the trick and you can plant as soon as the weeds, etc are dead. It doesn’t affect the soil, so you can feel safe in using it. Once it is clear, prepare the soil correctly, not hurrying the process. You then will be rewarded with lovely flowers and vegetables.
    We just re- landscaped our back yard, turning it over, and even sifting the dirt to get rid of all stones, etc. We then built 3 enclosed beds of soil, and have planted tomatoes. Herbs go in tomorrow and soon lettuce. We already have beans growing, and plan to have the entire back yard growing things to eat, or in between the raised beds, lovely flowers.

    We simply got tired of weeds, etc. and will have less work to do. We tried the black plastic but got impatient and wanted to start long before the grass would have been dead.

    When I say we, I mean my husband. He immigrated from Holland this year to live in the house I own, and so he brought all of his lovely skills from Holland. They sure know how to grow flowers and veggies over there.

    Good luck. It is all worth it. No shortcuts.

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