What should I get for my gardening grandfather for Christmas?

J-Dawn asks: What should I get for my gardening grandfather for Christmas?
I’ve bought for everyone but my grandfather. He’s 82 and loves gardening and water gardening. Usually, I get him a bird feeder (he loves bird watching) or something that has to do with hummingbirds. This year I’m at a loss. I’m a first year teacher on my own and on a very limited budget. Any ideas?

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  1. If he doesn’t already have one, what about those knee cushions, so he is comfortable kneeling and they’re in expensive.

  2. How about a young tree? real gardeners take no notice of the fact that they will be long dead when a plant matures, I think when I am old if someone buys me that I will be very touched at the thought that it will live on after me. Of course you have to know how your grandfather will take the idea!

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