When will you be starting your vegetable gardening?

fvfv81 asks: When will you be starting your vegetable gardening this year?
I’ll be doing container gardening again this year. Trying to get an idea of when I should be starting.

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Answer by KabooseRvb117
I don’t do stuff like this but probably in the spring. Not too late, not too early.

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  1. I’ll get the spuds in around end of March,hopefully. At the moment it’s only fit for rice.
    Other stuff,peas,onions,carrots,etc,around a couple of week later. Depends on how wet and cold the soil will be

  2. My last frost date is mid-May.

    I’ll be starting artichokes inside in February. The peppers, eggplant and tomatoes inside in March.

    Direct seeding of more cold-tolerant things in April, potatoes go in in late April. Then come May, the seedlings start going into the ground, early for the hardier ones, mid May for tender ones, and also sowing beans, corn, and everything else.

  3. Been gardening for months! – I live in FL, where winter is our prime growing season 🙂 Find out what planting zone you live in , then google “planting schedule for zone…….” and you’ll probably find a chart like I did on what to plant in your area.

  4. My winter garden is still active and productive. I’ll also be starting my spring planting this weekend with parsnips. That will be followed around the end of February with eggplant, summer squash and peppers (in hay bales with a covering of plastic as needed). Then, in March, I’ll make my first planting of buckwheat as a green manure. Once it is tilled in I’ll start the other plantings; corn, peas, winter squash, pumpkins, watermelons, okra and all the other family favorites.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  5. I live in Central America so started most of my garden in November. “Summer” time here is too hot for many regular garden vegetables. Your county extension service or a gardening neighbor can advise you on spring frost dates. If you are in a short growing season area you could be starting some plants indoors this next month for spring transplants.

  6. Some of the best vegetables to grow are spring onions which you can start during March-July, lettuces which you can start during April-May, tomato seeds can be sown in April, cucumber seeds can be sown in late May early June.

    It all depends on which vegetables you’re growing because different vegetables are best sown at different times of the year. Check the list of vegetables you intend to grow and you can refer to some gardening magazines or catalogs to have an idea as to when to start.

    Container gardening is an excellent choice of gardening as it’s easy and less back breaking. Hope this helps good luck with you container garden!

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