Which is better organic or hydroponics gardening?

Harley Brane asks: Which is better organic or hydroponics gardening?
I love gardening but I don’t have so much time to spend for gardening, my friend told me to go for hydroponics its good, and he suggest me one site http://www.hydroponics1.co.uk/ its all about hydroponics. hey guys suggest me which one is best?

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Answer by Dowlinggram
Both are good –just different ways of gardening. It is more expensive to set up a hydroponic garden because you need lots of equipment and a place to set it up. No matter which way you choose you have to make time when the garden needs attention not when you decide you have the time. Plants don’t wait for attention–they die

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  1. Dont go hydroponic unless you have a lot of time to invest in it. It fails much easier than soil and is much less forgiving. Chances are you will be pulling your hair out at least once with hydroponics lol. Tried to grow some tomatoes in that aerogarden thing and I failed miserably lol. Now I just grow em in soil.

  2. Hydroponics takes more time and lots more money than just Organic.

    I suggest you use pots with a liberal mix of peat moss in the soil to hold the moisture in and keep the soil from drying out during the day. Make sure you get a pot big enough for good root development of the type of plant you want to grow.

  3. organic improves the earth…..the soil, the environment….thru the use of natural ingredients that become part of the natural earth cycles…decomposition for example, when they reach their end use. There is no toxic residual.

    Hydroponic uses a lot of man made material that when finished must be trucked off to landfills at the minimum and hopefully not specific toxic waste disposal…….I’m thinking of some of the chemicals used.

    Organic is with the earth. Hydroponic is in place of earth. If you had no access to soil then you’d be looking at hydroponic. If you have soil that hasn’t been chemically contaminated, you can improve it enough to grow organically.

  4. If you are very good at making things, but it does take a lot of time, hydroponics isn’t too bad an idea. It also requires that you maintain the pH and add the proper amount of nutrients. In some ways it is easier. It optimizes the amount of water to the plant so they are much healthier and generally grow much faster. You don’t have to worry about always watering it because a timer does it as long as the tank is full. If you already have a large area of good soil than an organic garden is easier. If you have to start from scratch and make pots with soil and all, then a hydroponics is probably easier but that only assumes you know the basics. It takes a while to get up to speed. Here is one of the ebb and flow systems I made. They are pretty simple to set up.

    I made one for outside use by using those 4 inch square pvc pipes at home depot.
    It is something like this one but I only used two beams for my patio.

    The 3.75 inch pots work perfectly in those 4 inch “pipes” or whatever you call them. They might be fence post covers.

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