which wood could be used for raised bed vegetable gardening to discourage bugs?

nicenurse asks: which wood could be used for raised bed vegetable gardening to discourage bugs?

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Answer by karen_03625
If you have 5 gallon buckets, that will work to discourage bugs.

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  1. I used weather treated wood planks, 2×12, and they worked fine, but you always have some kind of bugs.

  2. Cedar, Juniper, and Redwood all tend to discourage bugs.
    Cedar is best. That is why cedar chests are used to store clothing and linens and such, and Cedar is used to line closets to discourage moths. Cedar “bender boards” are used as borders between flowerbeds and lawns, as are those made from Redwood, because they also tend to resist rot. Juniper is harder to find milled into lumber, as the trees tend to be small, and not commercially profitable on a large scale. Also used railroad ties work well for raised beds, as they are treated with creosote, which resists bugs and rot, but won’t adversely affect garden soil either.

  3. All woods can be used for raise beds but make sure it’s not treated, especially it’s for vegetable garden. You don’t want the chemicals leech into your garden and eventually into your foods, it’s not healthy.

    Keep in mind that bugs don’t only come from the ground, some has wings too. Bugs are not only pest but there are a majority of friendlies too. It’s your call.

  4. I just read a magazine that had plans for a raised garden and instead of traditional lumber they used composite decking. It looked really nice and it will resist breaking down like lumber will.

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