5 Tips In Growing Tomato Plants

5 Tips In Growing Tomato Plants

Growing tomato plants is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that will give you a good gardening experience. It will also provide you fresh tomatoes whenever you need it. There are many health benefits that you can get from tomatoes especially if it comes right from your own .garden. Tomatoes are grown differently. Some tomato suppliers use organic fertilizers on their tomato but there are also those that use fertilizers laden with chemicals that are harmful to your body. Therefore, having a tomato garden in your home will give you assurance that your tomatoes are organic and fresh.

The challenge in having a tomato garden is not in growing it. Tomatoes are resilient plants which can basically grow in any climate and soil type. What is difficult however is choosing the right tomato variety to plant since there are hundreds of varieties that you can choose from. Here’s how you can make things easy.

1. Choose a determinate variety of tomato. Determinate tomatoes require less maintenance such as pruning or staking. They also require less space in your garden plot. This means that you will be able to plant more tomatoes in a single plot using a determinate variety rather than the indeterminate variety.

2. There are many hybrid tomatoes that you can purchase at your local garden depot. These hybrid tomato varieties are easy to grow and are inherently resistant to various diseases. Although some do not like hybrid tomatoes because of its bland taste, there are pure strain hybrids that taste as good as natural tomatoes.

3. Plant tomatoes seedlings instead of saplings. This will give you the experience in dealing with the various problems related to having a tomato garden. These seedlings are available in your local nursery. The local nursery can also advice you on which variety is best for your garden and how to grow them. You can also get essential gardening tips from the experts at your local garden center such as tips that can help you minimize plant deterioration and maximize growth.

4. Start small. Instead of putting up a gardening plot, plant your tomatoes in containers first. This way you can plant more than one variety and organize each variety easily. You can use various soil types that are ideal for each tomato variety you are planting. You can also easily transfer the pots or containers to expose your tomatoes to sunlight if needed. When choosing a container, just make sure it is big enough to accommodate the growth of the tomatoes.

5. Do not just use any fertilizer, use organizer fertilizers. Tomatoes that are grown using organic fertilizers are known to have a longer shelf life, healthier and tastes better than those who are grown in an inorganic way.

Following the 5 tips above will help you have fresh and healthy tomatoes in your own backyard in no time.

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