Any tips/advice for gardening raspberries?

Austin R asks: Any tips/advice for gardening raspberries?
What sort of soil would you use? What sort of fertilizer is advisable? Any general advice? Thanks!

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Answer by Rustskipper
Hey Austin,

Soil used depends on where you live, North, South, East, West. Southern soils are generally poor because the sun beats down so hot that fallen organic matierials are quickly rotted and disappear – not like old soils of the north with years of mapel leaf compost in the soil. Test the soil to determine its pH and fertility levels. Raspberries prefer a soil pH of 5.6 to 6.2; acid soils may require applications of ground limestone to increase the pH. Soil testing information is available from your county Cooperative Extension office.

Generally, you should amend your soil, what ever it is, with about 50% organic compost.

To get the most out of your raspberry planting, choose your site carefully. Raspberries prefer full sunlight and grow best in well-drained, sandy loam soils rich in organic matter. Avoid low areas that remain wet late into the spring, but select a site with access to a water supply. Irrigation is important for good plant growth during dry periods and can improve fruit size and yield. Do not plant raspberries where tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, or eggplant have been grown within the past four years, because these crops carry a root rot called Verticillium that can also attack raspberries. Destroy all wild raspberry and blackberry plants within a distance of 600 feet of your planting site if possible, to reduce the possibility that virus diseases might be spread to your planting.

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  1. You must have a good compost use. Avoid fertilizer first. Just make sure your soil contain the nutrients that your raspberry plant would be happy to have.

    One of the reasons is that compost is so rich in nutrients that it improves the fertility of your soil, making plants healthier. It’s a virtuous cycle for your soil. Food gets grown, consumed, and then the scraps go into your compost pile or bin. Later, the finished compost is used to nourish the soil again.

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